Richard's passion for the event and interior design worlds started at a young age.

Growing up in a large Italian family, Richard always loved helping his parents prepare for event gatherings and holidays. 
After thirty years of designing residential and commercial interiors, it only felt natural to branch out to event design.

    RPWAT= Richard Pascarelli With A Twist

  “To this day there are triggers that remind me of specific places and a certain time. 
I realized long ago, our senses are so strong and have the capability to bring you back to a past memory. So, my theory is, create incredible memories and incorporate all of the senses”.

     Pretty simple idea in fact! 

  This concept has been incorporated in the planning of each event RPWAT has been a part of for the last fourteen years with huge success.

  "What is more important in life than the gathering of family and friends?" Pascarelli always says. "We want to combine these senses to create memory triggers during our events. I like to think that I don't create parties, but rather experiences." We want you to remember them forever.

  "We look forward to helping you create interiors and events that will stimulate your senses and celebrate your family and friends. A true experience that will create memories that you can treasure forever!
     Here are a few images of recent events.​